The Directors of Atlantic Diversified and Execz warn the Recruitment Industry of potential dishonest companies that solicit services from Service providers, but who do not settle invoices.

Dishonest Business Practice::

It is our duty to warn and inform industry of dishonesty pertaining to labour and recruitment services and companies who solicit the services of service providers and who do not respond on demands for payment and settling of outstanding accounts. Also, these companies have a total disregard for our Terms and Conditions and Legal Agreements.

All attempts to obtain commitment for payment have failed.

Dishonest companies in South Africa - on our database are:

Afribiz Invest Building 10 Longmorn West 1st Floor Cnr Witkoppen & Umhlanga Road Paulshof Sandton Phone :+27 (0) 87 724 6350

Afribiz Invest is represented by::

Collen Mashawana - Executive Chairman,

Cecil Mashawana- Executive Director,

Pongo Pule- Executive Director

This cautionary and international blacklisting will only be removed once our company has received full and final settlement of our outstanding invoices. Afribiz Invest is urged to contact our accounts department and arrange payment.

We are Truely Global

Execz is a proud international business player and supports the national priorities of the countries in which in conducts its business. It is driven by values, it respects the values of the civilised world and it upholds the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights Charter. Our company vehemently fights dishonesty in business as well as human trafficking in all its forms!

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